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Prophet Zulkifli: The Patient and Responsible King

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, back again on the Wisdom-seeking pen channel, this time we will discuss Prophet Zulkifli, the king who is responsible and a patient man, by forgetting to like this video, comment and subscribe and share this video so that it is useful for all.

Who is Prophet Zulkifli?

Prophet Zulkifli is the son of Prophet Ayub’s real name was Bashar bin Aiyub after he was able to carry out the king’s orders he was given the name Zulkifli meaning Zulkifli is one who has true abilities. Not many stories of Prophet Zulkifli are written in the Koran. The prophets and apostles put Zulkifli in twelfth place, he is under Prophet Aiyub, who is said to be the father of Zulkifli, although there are still disagreements among scholars about Zulkifli’s prophetic status, such as this. a prophet but someone who is pious and a just judge. As well as Muhammad bin Syaril Aktabari’s view. I think Zulkifli is a good and patient person who always helps his people and defends the truth, but he is not a prophet. Ibn Kathir stated that the same as other prophets, the Koran praised Zulkifli, this shows that he was a prophet.

Prophet Zulkifli’s Life

Zulkifli was a prophet for the people of Syria and its surroundings. He also built the city of Kifli in Iraq, most of the historical literature confirms the opinion that he was the son of the Prophet Aiyub, his mother named Rahmah zulkifli the noble character of his father, namely fair, patient and firm in patience as the word of God which means and remember the story of Ismail Idris and Zulkifli, all of them are including people who are patient, we have included them in our mercy, he has always been able to hold the mandate and promises since childhood until adult

Prophet Zulkifli as a Patient King

Prophet Zulkifli lives in a country led by a king Arif was wise, the king was no longer able to lead his country, unfortunately the king did not have an heir who would replace his position as king, therefore the king made an announcement whoever could fast during the day and worship at night he would be made a king. The king was also willing being patient had faced all matters only Basyar agreed to these requirements then the King gave Basyar the title Zulkifli Prophet Zulkifli was a king who was very patient Prophet Zulkifli during the day fasted and at night he performed worship Even so he remained responsible for leading his country.

The Encounter with the Devil

At one time, Prophet Zulkifli was disturbed by this demon. This demon disguised himself as a human at night. There was a figure of a demon who incarnated as a traveler who visited the palace. At that time, Prophet Zulkifli was about to sleep, before the devil entered the palace. visited at night but the traveler still wanted to meet Prophet Zulkifli patiently Prophet Zulkifli met the traveler and heard the traveler’s complaints saying that someone had wronged himself Prophet Zulkifli asked this traveler to come back the following night and bring the person who had wronged himself so that both parties could resolve the problem the next day the traveler actually came in the morning he complained about the same thing then the Prophet Zulkifli asked in the morning for the traveler to come back but the following morning the traveler did not he came instead at night with the behavior of his guest like that Prophet Zulkifli still continued to be patient He still met the guest well because Prophet Zulkifli was not angry at all the devil felt disappointed.

The Patience of Prophet Zulkifli

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala praises the level of patience of Prophet Zulkifli Allah classifies Prophet Zulkifli as a patient person and is enshrined in Surah Al Anbiya that is the level of patience of Prophet Zulkifli who is always able to withstand anger who is always able to be patient who always worships Allah who knows no night time and afternoon wallahu’alam bin sawaab hopefully this will be useful for all of us Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.