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Creatures Worse Than the Devil and Pharaoh

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, back again on the Wisdom-seeking pen channel, this time we will discuss creatures that are worse than the devil and Pharaoh, don’t forget to like this video, comment and subscribe and share this video so that it is useful for everyone.

The Devil and Pharaoh

The heavens and the earth are the devil. As well as the fir’an is the most evil human being in the world the devil disobeyed God’s command to prostrate to pay homage to the Prophet Adam so that he would be cursed forever. Pharaoh did not want to be outdone instead he claimed to be God and killed a baby boy his contemporaries who were feared to be his rivals.

Who is Worse Than the Devil and Pharaoh?

However, it turns out that there are still creatures worse and more evil than the devil and Pharaoh who was he styled one time the devil came to the Pharaoh’s Palace and immediately stirred the door.

The Devil’s Intelligence Test

Who was it asked Pharaoh from within I am the devil if you are really God It should be you know who I am answer holy devil of u ar come in, O creature, after the devil enters the virus, immediately test the devil’s intelligence, Do you know someone who is worse than you and me on this earth ? Yes, I know answered the devil, full of confidence.

The Greedy Neighbor

The devil continues his talk: I have a neighbor who always fulfills my evil requests. I really am obliged to fulfill the right to demand from you because of your loyalty to me or your need for me. The neighbor immediately replied oh devil I have a neighbor who has a cow kill the cow then I immediately answer I can’t Can’t bear to do it. What if I give 10 cows instead? No, I just want you kill the cow answer the neighbor stay clean Sturdy on his request

The Desires of People

Well, di here, I just found out that greedy people who want the loss of pleasure and other people are worse than me and you, O Pharaoh, the devil is still full of astonishment. The desires of people who like to change other people people who want the loss of other people’s pleasures and happiness. If so, do we still have traits that are not liked by the Messenger of Allah, do we still have traits that want the loss of other people’s pleasures and happiness so that they become more evil than devil and pharaoh?

Hopefully, this is useful for all of us. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.